Whether you’re preparing for more frequent power outages or just bringing additional power for trips off the grid, Bluetti’s solar generators can get the job done, and for Black Friday, the company’s systems are on sale for hundreds of dollars off including the AC200MAX and various solar panels.

Bluetti AC200MAX $300 off, solar panels discounted

Bluetti’s lineup includes power stations of various sizes and capabilities, and one great option for generating and storing solar power is the Bluetti AC200MAX, which is discounted by $300 for Black Friday. This system packs 2,048Wh of power that can run plenty of home appliances in the event of a power outage. Bluetti estimates that an 8,000 BTU air conditioner can run for 3-7 hours on the system, with a refrigerator able to run from between 15-28 hours depending on its power draw.

However, the system isn’t limited by just its internal storage. The AC200MAX can be expanded with B230 or B300 battery modules, which can expand the entire setup to be capable of up to a whopping 8,192Wh. The B300 uses high-end LFP power cells that can last 3,500 power cycles, ensuring your solar generator will work for years to come.

To draw power from this system, AC200MAX has four USB-A ports, one 100W USB-C port, two 15W Qi pads, four AC outlets, one NEMA TT-30 outlet, a12V/10A DC 5521 output, and a 12V/10A cigarette lighter port. There’s also a color display that shows the system’s stats, and you can further manage power stats from your phone on Android or iOS apps.

For recharging, AC200MAX can pull power from a traditional generator, AC charging at up to 1000W, and even solar power at up to 900W. Bluetti’s solar system can recharge around 80% of the 2,048Wh battery in as little as two hours. For Black Friday, Bluetti is offering up to 20% off solar panels including the PV120 and PV200 portable solar panels which can be combined to generate additional power for charging up almost any Bluetti system, including the AC200MAX and the similarly specced AC200P.

For Black Friday, AC200MAX is on sale for $300 off, taking its usual $2,099 price down to $1,899. Bundles can result in even further savings of up to $2,600, too.

Bluetti AC300 + B300 goes $700 off

Another major product Bluetti is discounting for Black Friday is the AC300 system. AC300 can output a whopping 3000W from an attached 3,072Wh B300 battery. Up to four batteries can be connected for a total of 12,288Wh of power storage. It packs a plethora of useful ports including six AC outlets, an RV port, and even 100W USB-C. Plus, like the AC200MAX, power can be managed remotely from your smartphone.

For Black Friday, Bluetti is cutting $700 off of its AC300 + B300 bundle, one of the brand’s best deals this holiday season.

More Bluetti Black Friday Deals

Rounding out Bluetti’s Black Friday deals, you can score hundreds of dollars off the company’s more compact and portable batteries.

This includes the EB150 and EB240, which can output up to 1000W of power and charge devices with AC or DC power. Bluetti’s EB55 and EB70 deliver 700W of output while the AC50S, one of the brand’s most affordable offerings, can deliver 300W of portable power for working on the go.

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