PM: More than 200,000 Ukrainians could be allowed to join family in UK


The UK “stands ready” to take Ukrainians fleeing the Russia’s invasion in “considerable numbers”, Boris Johnson has said.

Speaking in Warsaw alongside Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Mr Johnson said he is “more convinced than ever” that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will fail.

With hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, the PM said: “We stand ready, clearly, to take Ukrainian refugees in our own country, working with you [Poland], in considerable numbers, as we always have done and always will.”

Mr Johnson said Putin was using “barbaric and indiscriminate tactics against innocent civilians” and was prepared to “bomb tower blocks, to send missiles into tower blocks, to kill children, as we are seeing in increasing numbers”.

The Russian president, he said, had “fatally underestimated” the resistance of the Ukrainians and the resolve of the West to act.

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