Tesla has started to send out invites to an event called ‘Cyber Rodeo’, which is going to be the grand opening of Gigafactory Texas in Austin – a big moment for the company and its manufacturing expansion in the US.

Just a few days after launching GIgafactory Berlin with the first deliveries of the first European-made Tesla vehicles, the automaker is now inviting people to the opening of another factory: Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla has been simultaneously building two extremely large-scale factories to produce electric vehicles and batteries.

Due to some regulatory delays with Gigafactory Berlin, Gigafactory Texas is launching production around the same time.

As it is tradition for the automaker, Tesla is throwing a party to celebrate the start of production.

CEO Elon Musk unveiled the invite for the event to be held on April 7 and the company is calling it ‘Cyber Rodeo’:

‘Cyber’ might just be about the aesthetic of the party – something Musk said he is a fan of before.

But people are already speculating about the latest version of the Cybertruck making an appearance.

Last year, Tesla removed Cybertruck specs and pricing from its website and the automaker is expected to update the electric pickup truck with the production version.

Either way, the focus is likely to be the new Model Y produced at Gigafactory Texas, which unlike the new Model Y produced at Giga Berlin, features Tesla’s new structural battery pack design and 4680 battery cell.

The new version is expected to feature different specs and it has been linked to a new mid-range AWD Model Y listed on the EPA website earlier this month.

Along with the start of Model Y deliveries, Tesla is also expected to give an update on battery cell production at the new factory, which is going to be critical to enable the production ramp-up.

What else do you expect from Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo at Gigafactory Texas? Let us know in the comment section below.

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