Tesla has unveiled a new giant Megapack project In Belgium that it is now the biggest Megapack project in continental Europe and one of the biggest energy storage projects on the whole continent.

Megapack projects have been popping up left and right lately.

Tesla’s biggest energy storage product has quickly emerged as the leading battery system for large utility-scale energy storage systems. It enables electric utilities to make better use of renewable energy, like solar, and stabilize the grid.

Megapack helped Tesla’s energy division accelerate storage deployment, and the company has now built an impressive backlog of orders.

But Tesla is now working faster than ever through its backlog with 42 Megapacks per week produced at Gigafactory Nevada, in addition to the new Megafactory in California recently coming online and trying to ramp up to an ambitious capacity of 40 GWh of Megapacks per year.

Last night, Tesla unveiled a new Megapack project in Lessines, Belgium:

In Lessines, Belgium, a World War II turbojet generator had been providing energy support to the community since the 1950s. To provide cleaner energy storage and add more renewable energy to the grid, the Deux-Acren project installed 40 Tesla Megapacks, making it one of the largest storage systems in Europe.

The company released a video about the project:

Tesla confirmed that the Megapack system will be used for “energy shifting and stabilizing services”.

With 40 Megapacks, the Lessines battery system has 50 MW of power and 100 MWh of energy capacity.

The company noted that it is the biggest battery system in continental Europe.

We reported last month on an even bigger Megapack project that Tesla recently deployed in the UK.

Tesla’s energy storage business is on fire lately.

Last quarter, Tesla deployed a record high of 2.1 GWh in battery capacity – mostly driven by Megapack growth. The record is expected to be broken again shortly thanks to the new capacity at the Megafactory allowing the company to work through its large backlog.

Tesla has also ramped up Powerwall production, contributing to that record energy storage deployment.

While Tesla doesn’t break down its energy storage deployment by product, the Megapack is believed to account for the majority of deployment as a much bigger utility-scale product.