Check out this ultimate Tesla house with solar roof, Powerwalls, and more


Today, we are featuring one of, if not the most insane, Tesla house projects. It features virtually all of Tesla’s home energy products.

Lately, Tesla has been increasingly relying on third-party installers to deploy its home energy products.

Instead of managing the installation, Tesla is gradually becoming more of a supplier with its goal of owning the home energy ecosystem through products like the Powerwall.

This is going to allow Tesla to focus on manufacturing and scale with the goal of supporting its new ‘Tesla Electric‘ electricity retailing product.

One of those third-party installers is Good Faith Energy based in Texas. They have been doing some of the most impressive Tesla Solar Roof installations we have seen.

We reported on them last year after they showed how one of their Tesla Solar Roof installations fared against a hailstorm with baseball-size hailstones.

Now we are featuring one of their latest projects in Katy, Texas where they helped builder William David Homes build the ultimate Tesla house.

Good Faith Energy installed an impressive 11,000 sq-ft Tesla Solar Roof with a capacity of 30 kW.

As you can see, it’s a big house, but not the entire roof needs to be equipped with solar tiles producing electricity.

Tesla supplies both solar and non-solar tiles for its solar roof installations, and the solar tiles are installed to optimize the house’s electricity production based on orientation and shade.

Here’s the particular solar tile configuration for this project:

Each Tesla solar tile is about 45in by 14in and is rated at 72w. They give more flexibility than the usual solar panel. Jim Abercrombie, Director of Roofing Operations at Good Faith Energy, says that five tiles, which adds up to 360w, cover about the same square footage of most 360w solar panels.

But to be the ultimate Tesla house, you can’t only have a Tesla Solar Roof.

This project has virtually all of Tesla’s energy products, and a lot of them.

It is also equipped with 5 Tesla Powerwalls – providing up to 67.5 kWh of backup power.

The house is also equipped with 3 of Tesla’s 7.6 kW solar inverters – the company’s most recent solar product looking to compete with industry leaders, like Enphase and Solar Edge.

The Tesla solar tiles also give the house a very unique look:

Now as for what everyone wants to know about: the price.

It has become harder to get pricing on Tesla’s Solar Roof. The company doesn’t provide online estimates anymore. Pricing varies greatly depending on roof complexity.

I asked Good Faith Energy about it and Mohammed Abdalla, CEO of Good Faith Energy, said:

“The price of the Tesla Solar Roof varies quite dramatically based on a variety of factors including: Size of the roof, complexity of the roof, amount of PV or producing tiles, and the number of batteries. A roof with 4 planes can come in much lower in price than a similar sized house that is covered with ridges, valleys, turrets, and odd and complex shapes. In 2022, on average, our Tesla Solar Roof pricing came in between $35-$50/sqft, before the federal solar tax credit (assuming you qualify). This is about the cost of a luxury roof like slate or tile, plus the cost of a solar system added in. It isn’t just a roof, and it isn’t just a solar system. It is the only roof that looks this good, and can cover your electricity bill forever.”

Based on the $35-$50/sqft estimate and the 11,000 sqft of this project, we can estimate between $385,000 and $550,000.

That sounds like a lot, but again, it needs to be compared with other luxury roof options, like slates and tiles, and the cost of an equivalent 30 kW solar power system. This can’t be compared to a roof made of asphalt shingles.

We are also talking about multi-million dollar new build here.

What do you think of this ultimate Tesla house? Let us know in the comment section below.

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