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Amazon announced the Echo Pop, which sports a semi-sphere design and a front-facing speaker.

Amazon on Wednesday announced two new Echo smart speakers, including one with a funky, semisphere design, and a revamped version of its Echo Buds headphones.

The company introduced the Echo Pop, which sports a new, semisphere-like form factor, a front-facing speaker and a built-in Eero, extending users’ mesh Wi-Fi coverage. The Echo Pop will cost $39.99, making it cheaper than many of Amazon’s existing Echo devices.


Amazon also debuted a revamped 5-inch Echo Show smart display that features an all-new speaker system with deeper bass, and the company’s AZ2 neural edge processor, which makes it faster than its predecessor. The new Echo Show 5 will cost $89.99.

The company also released a new version of its wireless Echo Buds, which will cost $49.99. In a departure from the earlier Echo Buds, the headphones aren’t fully in-ear and have a short stem. They look more like Apple‘s AirPods.

Amazon introduced a third-generation version of its Echo Buds headphones.

Amazon has steadily added to its lineup of Echo devices since it launched its first smart speakers in 2014. The product quickly became a home sensation, and helped kick-start the voice-activated smart speaker market. Amazon has typically launched devices at extremely cheap prices with the goal of promoting its other products and services, like Prime subscriptions.

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